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Leading cryptocurrencies in 2021 that are performing well, including Bitcoin

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Cryptocurrencies are a mainstream subject nowadays. The total market cap of the cryptocurrency marketplace is nearly $2 trillion, and Bitcoin contributes almost half. Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and whenever you hear the term cryptocurrency, Bitcoin might be the first to pop up in your mind. However, there are some other cryptocurrencies as well that are performing exceedingly well in the cryptocurrency marketplace.

Some of these cryptocurrencies include Ethereum, Binance coin, Ripple, and Cardano. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a similar base concept, but the dynamics of the altcoin, in contrast to Bitcoin, are much different and technical. Thus, Bitcoin is a whole different category, and altcoin is a different category in the cryptocurrency marketplace, demonstrating the significance of Bitcoin.

You are familiar with the fact that more than 10000 cryptocurrencies accept Bitcoin in the marketplace still Bitcoin has managed to remain on the top. The prominent reason these cryptocurrencies acquired popularity was their profit potential in trading and investment progression. You can also earn a considerable amount of money in your trading expedition; you can check out the online trading app for more details.

Here are leading cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, in 2021.


Leading cryptocurrencies in 2021 that are performing well, including Bitcoin. Source:


Undoubtedly Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency of the cryptocurrency marketplace. Bitcoin contributes more than 48% to the entire cryptocurrency market. However, the store value of a single Bitcoin unit is $50000 at the instance, and there are only 18.6 million Bitcoin units present in the marketplace.

Out of these 18.6 million Bitcoin units, 4 million are already not present in this chain. The recent market crash decreased the store value of Bitcoin to an exceeding extent as Bitcoin was floating around $30000 at that time. Despite a market crash, Bitcoin recovered its original store value in no time. The recent bounce-back of Bitcoin was utterly jaw-dropping. Bitcoin is still the utmost popular trading instrument as the store value of Bitcoin is exceedingly volatile.

Bitcoin underlies technologies like blockchain, peer-to-peer networks, and proof of work which is the base concept of almost every cryptocurrency. The fact might amaze you that almost every cryptocurrency follows a price trial of Bitcoin.

In case the store value of incline, the store value of these altcoins incline as well. All the more, the lite coin is a clone of Bitcoin, and the inventor of the lite coin has merely focused on the aspect that lite coin must follow the price trail of Bitcoin.


Ethereum is the second leading cryptocurrency. Ethereum has an exceeding extent of comprehensive applications. The prominent reason for this is that Ethereum is a blockchain-based model, and the blockchain of Ethereum is the foundation of decentralized finance. Every institution or organization of decentralized finance uses the blockchain of the Ethereum complex to store information regarding transactions and smart contracts. Ethereum has its own token popular as ether. The store value of ether, in contrast to other altcoins, is much high. There are several hard forks of ether as well. The market crash correspondingly declined the market price of Ethereum to an exceeding extent. The market price of Ethereum after the market crash was $2200; yes, you read it right. Currently, Ethereum is floating at a market price of $3500.


Cardano is also a blockchain model as of Ethereum. All the Cardano as a blockchain model is present in almost every industry. Cardano has its own token popular as ADA. The store value of ADA is $2.56 at the instance, and it is constantly rising. After the market crash, there was not a drastic change in the store value of ADA.


Tether is the utmost popular stable coin. Tether relies on USD as the market value of one rope is equivalent to one USD. Tether has experienced exponential growth over a considerable period. In contrast to cryptocurrencies, the rope is exceedingly stable, and there is little volatility in the store value of the rope.

Binance coin

Binance coin is an exchange currency. Binance is an utmost largest trustable exchange that allows you to buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. Binance released its own token money in 2017; you can pay the transaction fees of your transactions through Binance coin. The store value of the Binance coin is very high in contrast to exchange currency.


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