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Australian bank launched AI technology to detect abusive behaviour

The new model reflects the Bank’s focus in using AI-powered optimisation


Australian bank launched AI technology to detect abusive behaviour. Source:

Commonwealth Bank has become one of the first banks in Australia to use AI and machine learning techniques to detect abusive behaviour in transaction descriptions within the CommBank App and Netbank.

According to the press release, the new model was developed in the CBA AI Labs. For the first time, it allows the Bank to proactively identify instances of technology-facilitated abuse, a targeted form of domestic and family violence.

The AI model complements the Bank’s automatic block filter that was implemented in 2020 across its digital banking channels to stop transaction descriptions that include threatening, harassing or abusive language.

The new model, which uses advanced AI and machine learning techniques, allows us to provide a more targeted and proactive response than ever before. It builds on the work we have already done to fortify our digital channels from being used to perpetrate technology-facilitated abuse, including updating our Acceptable Use Policy and implementing an automatic block on offensive language being used in transaction descriptions
Justin Tsuei, General Manager Community and Customer Vulnerability

In fact, from 1 May to 31 July 2021, over 100,000 transactions were blocked by the automatic filter that prevents offensive language being used in transaction descriptions on the CommBank App and Netbank.

Of those instances, the new AI model detected 229 unique senders of potentially serious abuse, which were then manually reviewed to determine severity and the appropriate action required from the Bank.

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