Lloyds Bank launched a solution for deaf and blind clients

Lloyds Bank is first the organization to offer an alternative for deaf and blind people in the UK

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Bank launched a solution for deaf and blind clients. Source:

Lloyds Bank announced the launch of the British Sign Language (BSL) online translation tool. It aims to break down the barriers deaf customers face while accessing the essential financial information. BSL is the first language for many Deaf people with its grammar and syntax.

It is hoped that providing the online BSL videos will give those with hearing impairments the ability to make informed financial decisions. The service is free and allows customers with hearing problems to receive BSL translations of the Lloyds Bank website with the help of Signly Browser Extension assistive technology. The pre-recorded sign videos cover the most popular Lloyds Bank webpages, such as information on products and services.

Along with that, Lloyds Bank, Halifax and Bank of Scotland found a solution for clients with vision problems. Be My Eyes app connects securely with the bank and provides assistance for everyday tasks. It includes explaining bank statements, checking and confirming transactions, and managing money.

Be My Eyes has grown to become the largest online community for blind people or those having bad eyesight. It works across 150 countries and gives free access to a network of sighted volunteers and company representatives who provide visual assistance for the task at hand.


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