Logistics giant expands its Packstations in Europe

3,000 new Packstations to be installed in rural areas and cities across Germany

Logistics giant expands its Packstations in Europe. Source: logistics.dh

Deutsche Post DHL Group is investing in the expansion of its Packstation network: by 2021, 3,000 new DHL Packstations are to be added to the existing network of 4,000 automated parcel delivery and collection points. With these installed, the Group will offer customers access to 7,000 Packstations located throughout the country.

Deutsche Post DHL Group was the first company to introduce the Packstation service to the German market in 2003 and now operates a unique country-wide Packstation network. Packstations are easy to operate and are usually available around the clock. They are becoming increasingly popular also because they are located in easy-to-access places that people frequent in the course of their day. For example, customers can combine parcel collection and posting with their journey to work or when shopping for food. As multiple parcels can be placed in a Packstation at any one time, the Packstation network saves additional journeys, making it a sustainable service.

Deutsche Post DHL Group had announced extensive investments to improve its quality and service in March 2019. This included establishing 500 new partner outlets and DHL parcel shops, as well as installing 1,000 new DHL Packstations. Deutsche Post DHL Group plans to continue expanding its DHL Packstation network beyond 2021. The network will thus play a key role in providing services to customers throughout Germany also in future.

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