Popular ride-sharing app introduced rewards for drivers

Lyft introduced Rewards for Drivers

Popular ride-sharing app introduced rewards for drivers. Source:

Lyft announced it launched Lyft Rewards. This program helps drivers earn more and save more on everyday driving expenses — and it’s designed to reward every driver, including 91% of drivers who drive fewer than 20 hours a week, the company says on its website.

Drivers get points for every eligible dollar earned when they drive during their city’s designated busy hours, which they can see in the app. Points can be redeemed for cash bonuses, or credit to take Lyft rides. Points also unlock Lyft Rewards tiers (Silver, Gold, and Platinum), giving drivers access to a range of discounts and rewards that increase drivers’ take-home pay.

  • Cash bonuses at Gold and Platinum
  • Credit to take Lyft rides
  • Up to 5% cashback on gas with the Lyft Direct debit card
  • Free or discounted tax services
  • Free or discounted roadside assistance
  • AT&T cell phone plan savings
  • Exclusive features to see trip time and direction before accepting a ride (Gold and Platinum drivers with a 90% or greater acceptance rate)

To reward great service, Gold and Platinum status is reserved for drivers with a rating of 4.90+.

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