Looking at the growing importance of UI design

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Looking at the growing importance of UI design. Source:

Development of the user interface for digital programs has a long and storied history, where all too often the concept has been overlooked as unimportant. In the modern age, however, UI design has reached the frontline as one of the digital age’s most crucial components. Using the broad and still expanding market of online casino games as a basis, we want to explore why UI design today is more important than it’s ever been, and what this importance could mean for the future.

Design in action

For an example of modern UI design in action, consider the work that goes into creating and hosting live casino games. As an interactive experience, this title needed to be built to offer accessibility to both mobile and desktop platforms without issue. It also needed to be small and optimized enough to run on everything from modern systems to much older devices. Finally, the game had to be instantly understandable to newcomers, while also catering to veterans. On top of balancing special features, online bonuses, and the relationship with the host website itself, each of these components required significant investment and consideration.

Platform accessibility

Accessibility in UI design is such a necessity in the current age owing to how far we’ve strayed from the old standard of desktop and laptop internet access. According to Tech Jury, around 70% of web traffic now comes from mobile devices. No longer the alternative, this change in access patterns has essentially led to mobiles becoming the status quo. What this means for UI designers is that mobile functionality is not just necessary, it can even become the primary development target. Aiding in this idea is the arrival of new programming technologies like HTML5. Allowing the relatively simple creation of pages that adapt to different devices, modern designers having an understanding of how different platforms operate is a must.

Efficient design

Though it can be tempting to create a UI framework that includes as many options and features as possible, more helpful are those streamlined systems that focus on the essentials. These popularly exist today in website builders such as those for e-commerce, which can significantly simplify the process. In this way, efficient UI design can help save users time, but the advantages don’t stop there. Also playing a major part is the effect that more efficient design has on reducing device requirements. Using clunky websites and apps can be a major source of frustration for users, so targeting efficiency is a great way to minimize that problem, and maintain user attention.

Beginning to Pro


Playing a part in efficient design is the basic component of user-friendliness and flexibility. While making a design efficient is always an important cornerstone, developers also need to balance the fact the simplicity can be limiting. For this reason, a good designer needs to find a way to cater to both newcomers and veterans, creating a system with a shallow learning curve and profound maximum potential.


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