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Magento for beginners: how to set up a store

How to create your own online store with Magento


Magento for beginners: how to set up a store. Source:

Маgеntо is one of the most popular platforms for online trading. It has about 500,000 users. Magento is popular among both large corporations and small companies. Creating online stores on this platform is becoming more popular around the world. You may ask why? Because this CMS has an incredible number of plugins that will help you to realise even the boldest business ideas.

Since Magento is open source, users can personalise their online store as much as possible. Moreover, there are already a huge number of modules and extensions that improve the functions of online stores.

Apparently, today’s topic is Маgеntо. PaySpace Magazine has gathered relevant information about Маgеntо, so it can help you to make a decision whether it is worth using the system.

How to create a store, and how much will it cost?

The project’s price is always a difficult question. First of all, you need to understand that there are many factors that affect the cost of development. The Magento package will depend on the size of the business you have and the type of business you do. Today Magento offers different options, such as Basic Magento, Community Edition, and Enterprise Edition.

What is the difference between these packages and which one fits your business?


The project’s price is always a difficult question. Source:

1. Basic Magento

This package will be perfect for a simple online store. The package includes all the core functionality and doesn’t include any special or sophisticated functions. This is a good decision for small companies, as this version is easy to run and manage.

The cost of an online store powered by this package starts at $1,000 and can reach up to $40,000 (in the most extreme cases). When you purchase a basic Magento package, you receive the following features:

  • The basic functionality of the site
  • Standard Magento themes
  • Access to Magento community
  • Simple and efficient CMS

However, you should understand that integration with other internal systems is unavailable in this package.

2. Community Edition

If you already have an online store or would like to switch from another platform to Magento, then the custom development of an online store on the version of Magento Community will be the most suitable choice.


The cost of a customised shop development on the Mаgеntо Community version starts at $15,000. Source:

The cost of a customised shop development on the Mаgеntо Community version starts at $15,000. This version includes both the above-mentioned functions of the previous version and the new ones that will help bring your business to a new level thanks to:

  • Custom design of the store
  • Integration with other internal systems
  • Custom product attributes
  • Groups of users
  • Hosting migration
  • Additional extensions, plugins, and modules

3. Magento Enterprise

Маgеntо Enterprise fits not just companies but large enterprises. This version of Magento has the full range of features needed for an online store that represents even the largest firms.

The cost of developing an online store on this version of the platform starts at around $60,000, but in reality, you can never predict the exact sum. Such an online store is ideal for large companies, since many functions of Magento Enterprise are automated. Маgеntо Enterprise controls most of the processes, from ordering to shipping a product to the customer. Thanks to this automation process, site owners can concentrate more on business strategies.

This version includes such functions as:

  • An adaptive version of the online store
  • Multiple embedded modules
  • Free customer support
  • Free hosting (on Magento server)
  • Discounts and sales
  • Integration with social media

The real price of site development

If you are serious about joining the Magento community and enjoying all the benefits of this CMS, then you should know about the additional costs in advance. Consider them in the first stages of creating your project.


Buying a server is the first thing to consider when creating an online store on Маgеntо. Source:


Buying a server is the first thing to consider when creating an online store on Маgеntо. That is to say, it defines where you will “locate” your online store. In this case, you still have multiple options. First of all, it is possible to purchase a server, and it will be located in your office. Another option is to buy hosting. The latter is a more flexible option, since you can buy the extra space required in case your business is likely to develop rapidly in the future.


When you start calculating the estimated cost of developing an online store on Magento, remember that domain is a must. What is more, you have to include the cost of the domain in the total cost of the project development if you don’t want to face an unpleasant surprise.

When buying a domain for your site, it is important to check the keywords. It means that your domain name should be associated with your area of activity (or clearly represent the name of your company) somehow. Thus, you will attract more customers and increase sales.


Every online store needs a beautiful, simple, but catchy theme. Online shops on the Magento platform are no exception for this rule.


Most online stores on the Magento platform use several extensions simultaneously. Source:

Magento theme shop offers a large selection of free themes that will suit most sites. Moreover, you can use paid themes, or order the development of a custom/individualised one.


Most online stores on the Magento platform use several extensions simultaneously. You can choose from paid extensions, in addition to the many free ones. However, some customers prefer the development of custom extensions. Maybe you are one of these sophisticated customers, and you firmly decide that your online store has to have custom features. If it is going to be this way, then make sure you’ve considered the cost of development of these very custom extensions (they cost much more than ordinary included ones).


This is where you will spend most of your budget. Do not forget that a whole team of various specialists will work on your project.

But this is the most important step for every online seller. Typically, the team that takes on responsibility for the creation of an online store performs tasks related to the development, customisation and configuration of an online store based on the Magento platform. In addition, the team is engaged in uploading images, creating categories and performs other tasks to make your online store ready to launch. After the launch of an online store, the development team will provide technical support for several months.


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