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Convenience is the priority for consumers – NRF survey

97% of respondents revealed they have withdrawn a purchase when it was inconvenient for them

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Convenience is the priority for consumers – NRF survey. Source:

The National Retail Federation reveals that nowadays consumers increasingly prioritize convenience when it comes to purchases. Along with that, they expect retailers to keep on offering innovative ways to save them time and effort.

Time is a precious commodity for today’s consumers. Shoppers are busier with commuting to work, dealing with family obligations or catching up on schoolwork, among other things. Naturally, convenience factors are playing a larger role in their shopping experience
Mark Mathews, NRF Vice President for Research Development and Industry Analysis

The survey says 83% of consumers claim convenience while shopping is more important to them now compared with 5 years ago.

Consumers usually pay to delivery services like Amazon Prime, Shipt or Instacart exactly for its convenience. 66% of shoppers pay for at least one type of delivery service, whereas one-quarter admits to paying for multiple delivery services.

The research unveils that 38% of customers said that convenience matters the most at the beginning of online shopping while choosing the best option. Meanwhile, for 40% of in-store shoppers convenience in the checkout is most important.


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