Mastercard provides AR experience for cardholders

Users get a fully immersive experience that can be easily accessed using a mobile device


Mastercard provides AR experience for cardholders. Source:

Mastercard announced the launch of a new augmented reality (AR) app letting cardholders see, explore and access the benefits of their Mastercard.

The app provides a photorealistic AR experience that transports users to a 360-degree virtual environment, where a series of interactive portals brings their card benefits to life.

Study shows that rewards continue to drive consumer satisfaction with cards. However, only a third of the cardholders completely understand all the benefits available to them.

At Mastercard, we’re using our technology and solutions to deliver multi-sensory experiences for consumers every day – whether they’re shopping, taking transit, or exploring the card benefits they care about. By leveraging an intuitive AR design, cardholders can now easily find and fully explore their benefits that otherwise might have been overlooked
Raja Rajamannar, chief marketing and communications officer at Mastercard


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