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Mastercard teams up with Australian telecom services provider

Optus is going to integrate with Mastercard’s digital identity service


Mastercard teams up with Australian telecom services provider. Source:

Mastercard and Optus have announced cooperation to provide clients with an easier and safer way to prove their identity online and in-store.

Optus will offer in-stage service to the customers who have already downloaded the My Optus App – it’s about 6 million clients. This establishment will make the digital identity verification process more secure while users buy a new device or make account changes.

Optus’ partnership with Mastercard provides our customers with the option to embrace the benefits of digital identity, not only when they interact with us, but with other organizations too. ID solves pain points for our customers, such as protecting their identity, while at the same time simplifying the verification of their identity, giving them more control over their personal information and streamlining transactions
Vaughan Paul, Optus Vice President, Digital Consumer

The cooperation will ensure that physical documents such as passports or driving licenses will be replaced. Also, Mastercard digital identity verification service provides a client with entire control of all information that is shared.

We’ve reported that Mastercard cardholders across Europe will now have access to the Google Pay service.


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