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Meta invests in a Singaporean startup Take App

The startup supported by Meta Platforms helps small-business owners in Southeast Asia to sell via WhatsApp

Meta invest Take app

Meta invests in a Singaporean startup Take App. Source:

Meta Platforms Inc. — the mega tech brand behind Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp — recently invested in Take App which promises to bridge the digital gap for merchants in Southeast Asia, as reported by TechCrunch

Take App serves as a facilitator for those with little technical know-how. It helps SMEs to set up a simple website for online orders, add a shopping cart, payment options, and a direct connection to WhatsApp for managing and tracking the final order.

Although restaurants have been the initial focus point for the Take App service, the company expanded its offering to bakeries, grocery businesses, beauty salons, and other retail points.

“Our unique selling point is that we let merchants keep direct WhatsApp conversations with customers. Merchants love the idea that they receive notifications and order details directly in WhatsApp — no other app or login is required.”rn
Youmin Kim, Take App Founder

Besides, Take App is looking to help businesses promote repeated purchases. The service maintains a database, with support for creating and sending newsletters that include special offers or relevant company updates.

Although the core Take App service is free, the company also offers premium features like advanced analytics, unlimited image uploads, and custom domain names.


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