Metaverse is not likely to happen: research

Here’s what the research has found


Metaverse is not likely to happen: research. Source:

The metaverse trend will not arrive in 2022 or within the projected 5-year period, according to ABI Research.

This comes amid hefty investments and even headlines. Currently, it is still more of a vision and a popular word than a goal that has a set arrival date. While various tech firms are idealizing their version of the metaverse, it is not entirely interconnected nor has it widely adopted open standards or accepted Extended Reality (AR) in the tenets of the vision.

While some people would argue the addition of the crypto economy to the list, it is not in place.

The delay, however, does not imply that the idea behind the metaverse is untimely. On the contrary, the technology sector will work towards laying the metaverse foundation and building towards the vision.

Many opportunities will be built between now and when the completed version is ready, but it may take the better part of a decade. But when the metaverse arrives, the mode of living will be transformed. The process will provide different opportunities including edge and cloud computing, AI/ ML, 5G/6G and XR.

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