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Microsoft presents noise suppression solution for remote workers

The new solution will significantly ease the working process for those having kids and pets while they’re working from home

noise suppression solution

Microsoft presents noise suppression solution for remote workers. Source:

Microsoft announced the introduction of the noise suppression feature for its Teams calls.

The AI that the company is using eliminates background noise from calls automatically. This way, the microphone is focusing its attention on what the speakers are actually saying instead of the noise around them.

With the power of AI, Teams can remove that background noise and you can understand me very clearly
Robert Aichner, Microsoft’s principal program manager

Robert Aichner demonstrated the benefits of the feature. He opened and then rustled his hand around in a bag of chips. Firstly, real-time noise suppression software has been turned off, so that everyone could hear the noise. But after he turned the new AI feature and rustled his hand once again, the whole noise has been filtered out.

Besides, Microsoft is also launching an offline mode for reading Teams chat messages and the ability to draft responses in case there’s no internet connection.


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