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Mixed reality apps to gain traction significantly by 2024

Consumer mixed reality app installs will reach 10 billions in 5 years

Mixed reality app

Mixed reality apps to gain traction significantly by 2024. Source:

According to Juniper Research, the number of consumer mixed reality app installs will reach 10 billion by 2024, rising from 3 billion in 2019. The main purpose of those apps is to overlay interactive digital images and videos onto the real world through a smartphone, tablet, or smart glasses. By 2024, social media and games tend to be over half of the global mixed reality market value.

The data shows that 75% of the consumer mixed reality market, by value, will be attributable to in‑app purchases by 2024. Yet, the research warns that these apps will suffer from high app abandonment rates similar to the wider app market. This way, app developers are urged to update offerings over the lifecycle of the app, ensuring that the user proposition is maintained.

Despite temptations to continually grow the app user base, app developers must have a primary focus on retaining existing users. Successful mixed reality app developers, Niantic and Snap, have continued to leverage their significant user bases by ensuring that app content is consistently refreshed, therefore benefiting from continued user spend
Sam Barker, research author 

As to the advertising spendings, they are expected to reach $11 billion by 2024, increasing from $2 billion in 2019.


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