MoneyGram teams up with Africa’s leading mobile money provider

The services are expected to be available this year


MoneyGram teams up with Africa’s leading mobile money provider. Source:

MoneyGram has announced a new partnership with Airtel Africa PLC, a leading money service provider with a presence in Africa’s 14 countries.

This way, Airtel Money’s customers will be able to quickly receive MoneyGram transfers directly into their mobile wallets.

Once they receive the funds, they can be accessed immediately and used. That’s about paying utility bills, goods, and services, transferring to other people or converting to cash at any of Airtel Africa’s branches, kiosks, and agents.

This partnership with Airtel will enable millions of consumers instant access to our global platform to receive money from over 200 countries & territories without having to even step outside. We're excited about how this customer-centric partnership with Airtel will expand our mobile wallet capabilities, build upon our strong momentum in Africa, and further accelerate our digital growth across the globe
John Gely, Head of MoneyGram Africa

We’ve reported that MoneyGram International has announced a partnership with Korean fintech Global Money Express (GME). This way, GME customers can connect to the MoneyGram platform and distribution network in over 200 countries.


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