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MoneyLion Teams Up With Column Tax

MoneyLion Inc., a provider of personalized financial content, financial products, and advice, has started offering its users free tax filing services.

MoneyLion Teams Up With Column Tax


The portfolio of services provided by this company has expanded as a result of cooperation with Column Tax, a software company for the taxation of personal income.

As part of the partnership, MoneyLion offers its customers RoarMoney℠ Banking (a deposit account on demand, insured by FDIC, and providing a full set of premium banking functions) a simple and affordable option for filing tax returns, which does not involve any costs by the consumer.

Users have the opportunity to submit applications directly in the MoneyLion application. This option of providing tax information does not provide for the need to apply third-party services that are not easy to use and very often contain hidden fees. Clients can file tax returns in minutes. Submission of most applications takes less than 15 minutes.

Users who submit their tax information via MoneyLion will have access to their declaration two days earlier compared to those cases when the services of other providers are used.

Tim Hong, Director of MoneyLion products, said that the implementation of the strategic cooperation project with Column Tax contributes to the democratization of access to financial services and education in this industry for all Americans. He also noted that at the conceptual level, the missions of the two companies have a lot in common, since goal-setting is based on the ideas of financial education and the unhindered possibility of a tax refund.

Tim Hong focuses on the fact that it is access to tax refunds that allows each client to save, invest, repay debts, and achieve financial goals throughout the year. He also called providing users with high-quality services and education a way to increase the value of offers and a type of assistance that allows them to take full control of the available financial resources.

MoneyLion combines its new offering of tax filing services with a set of relevant educational content to help customers overcome the difficulties of the current tax season. Both companies think that ease of use and transparency of costs are the main factors determining the attitude of consumers toward the firm.

Gavin Nahbar, co-founder and CEO of Column Tax, says that MoneyLion is a leader in digital financial services. He also stated that Column Tax, thanks to this cooperation, will be able to speed up the process of filing tax returns.

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