Finance & Economics Adds Billing and Invoicing to Online Business Solutions launched an electronic billing and electronic invoicing service. Adds Billing and Invoicing to Online Business Solutions


The press release, which was published last Friday by this provider of online business solutions, states that the introduction of new services eliminates the need to use traditional methods of invoicing on paper. Also, this solution fully automates the process.

General Fehintolu Oshikanlu stated that the expansion of the set of services is designed to assist enterprises in their quest to establish a more effective financial resource management system. Also, new services allow you to save time.

Fehintolu Oshikanlu says that with the help of electronic invoicing, enterprises can reduce paper use, decrease costs and increase productivity.

Currently, many companies are considering the possibility of digitizing accounting processes as a promising investment. They also see this opportunity as one of the stages of global automation.

Financial directors are increasingly converting the processes of accounts receivable management (AR) to digital format. They characterize these solutions as preparation for total automation. Also, many CFOs believe that digitizing AR functions is vital to creating value for customers throughout their lives.

Currently, many companies are digitizing customer or supplier invoices. The results of conducting accounting operations in digital format testified to a decrease in the number of paper checks.

Most CFOs see the digitization of AR and account payable (AP) systems as an opportunity to transform the business. They are also digitizing as many AR/AP features as possible, as mentioned, to add overall value to customers throughout their lifetime.

Financial directors realize that in the current financial and economic reality it is better to conduct business in a digital format. They understand that the corresponding efforts significantly increase efficiency and provide a high degree of adaptation to modern trends in the industry, which in the future will form its new configuration. This opinion is shared by Versapay CEO Craig O’Neill.

A new service from provides businesses with a platform for creating invoices, tracking payments, and managing accounts online. This platform can be customized according to specific needs.

The new service joins other business solutions at, including online marketing and e-commerce tools.

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