NatWest is shutting 32 bank offices, including Royal Bank of Scotland branches

NatWest recognizes the importance of the digital market and embraces it


NatWest is shutting 32 bank offices, including Royal Bank of Scotland branches. Source:

NatWest has affirmed shutting 32 bank offices, including 11 Royal Bank of Scotland branches.

According to the release by NatWest’s representative: “with numerous enterprises, the greater part of our clients are moving to versatile and internet banking since it’s quicker and more straightforward for individuals to deal with their monetary lives.”

To compensate for the change in its regular operation, the company organized two ways of operation: NatWest organized a “mobile money delivery service” and “third-party accessibility “ to their customers.

The pandemic contributed to NatWest’s decision aside from the digital operation being the main reason. People moved to online transactions significantly during the pandemic. However, The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) approached banks to rethink branch terminations during the pandemic.

To resolve The Financial Conduct Authority’s approach, NatWest says any associates affected by the terminations will be redeployed somewhere else and contact/support the customers whom branch terminations might affect. It offers a committed group and telephone line to provide custom-made help for vulnerable clients who need additional support or have more complicated necessities.

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