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Nearly half of companies use AI while hiring employees: survey

The survey includes insights from over 1,500 global HR executives in 20 countries and 15 industries


Nearly half of companies use AI while hiring employees: survey. Source:

IBM Institute for Business Value has found that nearly 6 in 10 high performing companies are using AI and analytics while hiring new staff. That allows making better decisions about their talents, such as skilling programs and compensation decisions.

Besides, 41% of companies are leveraging AI to identify skills coworkers will need for the future.

According to data, 65% of surveyed high performing companies are looking to AI to identify behavioral skills like growth mindset and creativity for building diverse adaptable teams.

Meanwhile, two-thirds of all respondents said agile practices are essential to the future of HR. However, less than half of HR units in participating organizations have capabilities in design thinking and agile practices.

In order to gain long-term business alignment between leaders and employees, this moment requires  HR  to operate as a strategic advisor – a new role for many HR organizations. Many HR departments are looking to technology, such as the cloud and analytics, to support a more cohesive and self-service approach to traditional HR responsibilities. Offering employee empowerment through holistic support can drive larger strategic change to the greater business
Josh Bersin, global independent analyst and dean of the Josh Bersin Academy

We’ve reported that Visa has announced Visa Smarter Stand-in Processing (Smarter STIP), its AI-powered tool helping financial institutions manage transaction authorizations during service disruptions.


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