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NEOBANK for business launches the first Customer Board in Ukraine, in which users can influence development

The partner of the NEOBANK for business is the international global payment technology company Visa, which supports innovative fintech solutions


Concord Fintech Solutions jointly with fintech company NEO.PRO announced the launch of a beta version of a digital bank – NEOBANK for business.

The first to open an account and test a new product will be entrepreneurs who will submit applications and will be accepted into the Customer Board – the NEOBANK Customer Council. Entrepreneurs can apply for participation in the Customer Board by filling out a simple questionnaire at

NEOBANK is the flagship project of our fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions. This is a qualitatively new product for Ukraine, and therefore at the time of release, we want it to be as close to ideal as possible. That is why we decided to involve direct users in the creation process. Not only to study customer experience but also to give customers a real opportunity to influence what the product will be like
noted Olena Sosiedka, the founder of the ecosystem, in her Telegram channel

Until April 12, the team of the NEOBANK for business will accept applications for participation in the Customer Board. The main requirement for applicants is to be a registered entrepreneur. At the same time, the composition of the Customer Board will be formed in such a way as to ensure that the interests of the widest possible range of entrepreneurs are represented both in terms of activity profile and geographically.

Until May 12, participants will need to remotely open a business account through the application or desktop version of NEOBANK for business and start using the product. It will be possible to submit suggestions and comments in a closed group on Facebook.

For all members of the Customer Council who open an account before May 12, a special tariff without a monthly fee will be applied on an ongoing basis, and they will also receive a golden referral link, gifts from NEOBANK for activity and rational proposals, personal invitations to private events from the bank, networking with NEOBANK development teams and partners who helped in the creation of the project: creative agency Banda, Alty, and other market leaders.

Our task is to connect active entrepreneurs, who are ready to share their experience and want to influence the functionality and convenience of the bank where they serve their business accounts, to the Customer Board. We are open to any constructive feedback: criticism, suggestions, wishes - everything is welcome. We will take valuable ideas into consideration and will implement them. In the future, we will also consult with members of the Customer Council when launching new products and integrating with services for business
Margarita Pobilets, CEO of the fintech company NEO.PRO 

The launch of the beta version of the NEOBANK for business is scheduled for April 12; the Customer Council will start working as soon as it is completely formed. The full-scale launch of the first digital bank in Ukraine for companies and individual entrepreneurs is scheduled for the summer of 2021.

As a reminder, the NEOBANK for business is a digital bank for companies and individual entrepreneurs, which offers the most remote service. Operates under the license of the ConcordBank. Developed on the basis of the fintech ecosystem Concord Fintech Solutions in partnership with fintech company NEO.PRO, creative agency Banda and Alty company. The bank also has a product for individuals – the NEOBANK for everyone.

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