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Nike and Rtfkt connect physical clothing with AR NFTs using NFC technology

New Nike hoodies connect with an NFT version of the garment that can be ‘worn’ by digital avatars in Rtfkt’s Clone X through NFC chips


Nike and Rtfkt connect physical clothing with AR NFTs using NFC technology. Source:

Nike and its virtual wearables brand Rtfkt have launched hoodies incorporating an NFC chip. Thus, the technology enables purchasers to connect their physical clothing to the AR version of the garment in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). Those can be ‘worn’ by digital avatars in Rtfkt’s Clone X avatar ecosystem.

Owners of an Rtfkt x Nike AR Genesis Hoodie can enable wireless communication with the NFT by scanning a QR code on their physical sweatshirts. This way, the digital garment tracks the physical movements of the wearer in AR. It also allows the wearer to customise the digital garment with additional features such as virtual wings.

The related NFT collection has already launched on Moreover, the buyers have redeemed all NFT items for exclusive physical hoodies. In the future, the embedded NFC chip will also enable owners to get token-gated access to in-person events and access other added services. 

Since acquiring web3 studio RTFKT last December, Nike has launched a number of cyber sneakers. Together the two brands are laying the grounds for modern digital fashion trends. Founded in 2020, RTFKT is a pioneering and innovative company that redefines the boundaries of physical and digital value. It delivers the next-generation collectibles that merge culture and gaming.


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