One of the UK’s oldest postal services presented new solution

It’s one of the biggest changes to the daily delivery since the launch of the postbox in 1852

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One of the UK’s oldest postal services presented new solution. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, Royal Mail has launched a new service, called Parcel Collect, across the UK. That means its postmen and postwomen will now not only deliver parcels on their daily rounds but also collect them as well.

This way, online sellers and online shoppers in the United Kingdom will no longer have to go outside if they want to send a parcel or return something by post.

Royal Mail will collect a parcel for €0.79 per parcel, in addition to postage costs. The service is also available for pre-paid return items. This will cost €0.66 per item. Although, there’s a limit of 5 parcels per address.

Parcel Collect makes it easier to use our services than ever before. Whether you’re up against time and working from home, making a return, selling online, or sending a gift to make someone’s day, Royal Mail Parcel Collect is here to help. The launch of Parcel Collect is part of our commitment to continuously make our services better and more convenientrnrn
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