Online food delivery platform plans to reach 100M people

Deliveroo wants to reach 100 million Europeans by 2019

Online food delivery platform plans to reach 100M people. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, Deliveroo has ambitious plans for 2019. The online food delivery platform wants to be available for 100 million people across Europe at the end of this year. The plan is to connected 85,000 restaurants, while developing 1,700 new ‘virtual brands’, which lets restaurants offer dishes from their existing cuisine, but with a different brand name.

Deliveroo, the fastest-growing company in Europe last year, stated that broadening and expanding the restaurant offer is a high priority for the company this year. Already, customers can choose from twice as many restaurants than last year. By entering into new partnerships with restaurants, Delivery wants to cooperate with over 85,000 restaurants across Europe at the end of this year.

One of the ways the food delivery service wants to improve the restaurant offer is by giving them the option to operate ‘Virtual Brands’. Such a brand is available through the Deliveroo app or website and is shown like a standalone restaurant with a new menu. For example, a BBQ restaurant can offer a Mexican menu or a Greek restaurant can offer healthy protein bowls under a different brand name. At the end of this year, Deliveroo wants to make 1,700 virtual brands available for its customers in Europe.

The company also wants to offer a better-personalized website. Customers are going to see more restaurants based on their personal preferences and order history.

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