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Over 60% of employees want COVID-19 vaccination to be mandatory

The survey collected the opinions of over 16,000 employees from 16 countries, various industries and jobs

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Over 60% of employees want COVID-19 vaccination to be mandatory. Source:

According to EY 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey, 54% of surveyed employees worldwide would consider leaving their jobs after the COVID-19 pandemic if they were not given some form of flexibility.

In fact, 9 out of 10 employees want flexibility in where and when they work.

Generally, employees would like to work remotely two to three days after a pandemic. When pandemic restrictions will lift in their countries, 22% would prefer to work full-time in an office, and 33% of respondents said they generally want a shorter work week.

Along with that, 67% believe their productivity can be accurately measured regardless of location.

Employees' willingness to change jobs in the current economic environment is a game-changer. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown that flexibility can work for both employees and employers, and flexible working is the new currency for attracting and retaining top talent. Employers who want to keep the best people now and in the next normal will need to put flexible working front and center of their talent strategy
Liz Fealy, EY Global People Advisory Services Deputy Leader and EY Global Workforce Advisory and Solutions Leader

The survey also revealed attitudes towards existing working methods, with respondents generally positive about the impact of teleworking. This way, 48% say their organizational culture has changed and improved during the pandemic, and only 31% believe it has worsened.

The survey also looked at respondents’ opinions on the COVID-19 vaccine and found that 61% want their company to make vaccinations mandatory for office work.

Attitudes towards vaccination vary by geographic region: 66% of respondents in South America agree that companies should require vaccinations for all employees, compared with 52% of respondents in the EMEIA region.

The prospect of more and more flexible work is driving the demands on technology both in the field and in the home office. In fact, 64% of respondents said they needed better technology in the office while 48% said they want companies to upgrade home equipment.

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