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Over 70% of Tanzanians spend more money online since COVID-19 start

Data top-ups, apparel, and computer equipment have seen the highest surge of online activity

Mastercard Tanzania

Over 70% of Tanzanians spend more money online since COVID-19 start. Source:

Mastercard study has revealed that 72% of consumers surveyed in Tanzania are shopping more online since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic.

In fact, over 76% said they had paid for data top-ups online,  59% for clothing while 49% of respondents said they bought computers and other equipment.

The report has found that social media emerged as the main platform for finding the most attractive products and offers. This way, 52% and 83% of respondents said they had discovered new sellers through Facebook and Instagram, respectively.

At the same time, 74% of typical in-store bargain hunters said they spend hours searching different sites to find the best deals.

When it comes to paying for goods or services online, speed is a key factor for Tanzanian shoppers, with 76% quoting this a major consideration when choosing a business to buy from.

Besides, shoppers are rapidly moving away from more traditional forms of retail and opting for contact-free and digital transactions. This is presenting e-tailers and businesses in Tanzania, and across the region, with new challenges on how to best leverage the shift towards online shopping and deliver fast, convenient, and secure transactions.

In this post-COVID world, we are seeing an undisputable transformation in the way everyday transactions are being conducted. As people increasingly lean on e-commerce for their shopping, businesses that will remain relevant must ensure their customers continue to enjoy a safe, convenient and secure experience when shopping with them. At Mastercard, we are leveraging our network, insights, technology, and partnerships with fintechs, banks, and other key players across Kenya to support businesses as they make the most of this new reality and optimize to thrive
Kari Tukur, Vice President, Products, Sub Saharan Africa, Mastercard

With the rapid rise in online shopping, consumers are also becoming increasingly aware of the associated risks. And, with 57% of consumers now managing their banking needs online, more than half (51%) have said that a secure checkout was fundamental for a good shopping experience.

We’ve reported that sentimental spending in Kenya is up 240% over the past 10 years.


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