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Over 80% of B2B companies plan to increase digitalization budget

Manufacturers are already using solutions to digitalize their company


Over 80% of B2B companies plan to increase digitalization budget. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, B2B manufacturers are planning to accelerate their digital transformation this year in order to meet expectations of customers. At least 83% of them will increase their budget for investments into digital business strategies. In doing so, they hope to tap into new revenue streams.

A smaller group will maintain the same budget as last year (15%), while 2% of manufacturers will decrease their budget with 1% to 20%.

These findings come from the survey report commissioned by Intershop and Evident, carried out by Copperberg with more than 50 European B2B manufacturers with a turnover of at least €250 million. B2B manufacturers are willing to invest in digitalization.

According to 41% of respondents, this is due to the need to expand and tap into new revenue streams.

Interestingly, 24% of manufacturers also feel the need to create new business models, due to the global shift to digital solutions. Additionally, 19% want to improve productivity, revenue or cost reduction with the implementation of digital tools.

At least 71% of the respondents said their organizations are ambitious to take their digitalization to the next level in 2022. Of that group, 24% want to become market leaders with their digital business strategies.

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