Over 80% of US consumers try new brands due to COVID-19 hoarding  

500 people surveyed revealed their shopping attitudes amid the coronavirus outbreak


Over 80% of US consumers try new brands due to COVID-19 hoarding. Source:

According to the survey, American customers are shifting their purchasing attitudes towards companies and brands during the COVID-19 pandemic.

This way, over 89% of the respondents are monitoring how the companies are treating their employees during the coronavirus outbreak. They are watching if employers lay off workers, offer paid sick days, give back to their communities, etc. Besides, 65% of consumers expect that company actions during this time will likely impact which brands they decide to purchase in the future.

I am paying very close attention to how companies are treating their employees (how much time off they are providing, are they making them use sick days or not, etc.), what offers they are giving consumers (e.g. something for free, discounts), how they are giving back to communities (free products for moms or elderly people, free meals, sending supplies to hospitals, etcrnrn
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The survey also highlighted that most everyone has witnessed the hoarding of everyday household items due to COVID-19. Indeed, 92% of people surveyed have personally encountered empty store shelves.  Although, 81% reveal that shortages enable them to sample new brands and products than ever before. In fact, nearly 70% are purchasing brands they don’t typically buy.

Besides, 54% of US respondents would welcome ads with a humorous and entertaining tone to help take their minds off the pandemic, according to the study.


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