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Foreigners can now easily open a bank account in Japan online

Non-Japanese users expressed the necessity of being able to conduct everyday banking transactions without having to visit the bank in person

Sony Bank account

Foreigners can now easily open a bank account in Japan online. Source:

Sony Bank announced the launch of the English-language online banking service. It plans to provide foreign residents in Japan with a seamless, hassle-free way to open a bank account and conduct everyday banking in English.

The bank conducted an online survey revealing that 60% of foreign respondents were dissatisfied with banking procedures in Japan. They indicated complicated paperwork and procedures, the need for Hanko seals, and a lack of language support as the main reasons for that.

This way, Sony Bank decided to establish a new English smartphone app that would take the hassle out of opening an account in Japan. In addition to that, the bank enables account holders to make everyday banking transactions online.

The new service also includes a dedicated English smartphone app that uses cutting-edge OCR technology that eliminates the need for complicated paperwork. Besides, Sony Bank’s new English online banking includes yen and foreign currency deposits, fund transfers, foreign currency remittances, and the Sony Bank wallet.


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