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Over half of European brands depend on online marketplaces: survey

The share of online marketplaces grew amid the pandemic


Over half of European brands depend on online marketplaces: survey. Source:

Ecommerce News has found that 59% of European companies depend on online marketplaces for their online sales. That’s up from 46% of American companies. In the pre-COVID-19 period, online marketplaces had a 28% share, while during the pandemic it increased to 38%.

Besides, 54% of European brands think their e-commerce potential is crippled by their logistical capabilities. And that’s why many retailers and brands turn to online marketplaces. However, they also think that relying on marketplaces isn’t sustainable and want to shift the balance more to their own e-commerce channels.

So many brands use marketplaces as a one-stop-shop for selling their products. This allows them to reach a broad audience and compensate for a lack of resources and logistics infrastructure, while at the same time meeting the expected customer experiencern
Sohel Aziz, managing director of Accenture

According to data, during the lockdowns, online sales doubled, while direct online sales quadrupled. In fact, 56% of European brands expecting their direct online sales to exceed 20% in three years from now.

We’ve reported that one of the top 5 marketplaces in Germany exits the market.


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