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Finance & Economics

The European Central Bank has a new virtual euro project

The trial phase will intensify ECB’s cooperation with the European Commission on the digital euro


Visa launched new debit and credit cards in Bangladesh

The new offers can be accessed online or in retail stores that accept Visa cards


How to minimize payment gateway costs for e-money institutions

Vladimir Kuiantsev CEO of Akurateco   An e-money institution is an enterprise authorized to issue electronic money (a digital version of good ole’ cash). In Europe alone, the number of these enterprises reaches a whopping 479 with the United Kingdom being home to more than a half of these EMIs. They offer a variety of […]

Finance & Economics

Banking trends 2021 to watch out for

The banking industry has evolved greatly over the last year


Top 10 most popular blockchain professions

Top 10 most popular blockchain-based jobs offered on the labor market today


Shopify partnered largest independent Customer Data Platform

In the past, using third-party commerce platforms often resulted in some of the most valuable customer data being siloed within one platform

Finance & Economics

How I choose UK penny stocks

Penny stocks, also known as penny shares, are common stocks that trade for less than £1 in the United Kingdom and less than $5 in the United States. The firms will also have a market capitalization of less than £100 million in the United Kingdom and less than $300 million in the United States. Traders […]


India-based ICICI Bank launched co-branded card

This would enable users to get benefits and reward points of using multiple credit cards in one


First ePassport for thoroughbred racehorses introduced in UK and Ireland

Elements of the Weatherbys ePassport are already in use in Britain, Ireland and other jurisdictions


Young Scots remain positive about finances amid coronacrisis

The survey gathered opinions of over 2,100 young adults in Scotland

Fintech & Ecommerce

Value of embedded finance market will exceed nearly $140B in 2026

The market value includes insurance premiums, transaction revenue and licensing costs


What are the best stablecoins?

Today, we’ll describe the best stablecoins on the market


Here’s how many e-commerce users are in Europe this year

The penetration rate is also projected to reach almost 60%


Researchers developed fabric-friendly NFC sensors

Known as TextileSense, this system can track everyday objects made of conductive materials, like a human hand

Science & Technology

Largest marketplace sellers account for nearly 90% of GMV

Small and medium-sized sellers are on the rise as they doubled their contribution in that same period and even tripled in 2020

Finance & Economics

Over half of global population will use digital banking in 5 years: research

The research identified grown digital transformation efforts as enabling banks to function effectively during the coronacrisis