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Pandemic is increasing the adoption of multichannel shopping

Physical stores with multichannel offerings have driven growth in online sales


Pandemic is increasing the adoption of multichannel shopping. Source:

GlobalData has unveiled that the best online channel growth rates were achieved by those retailers employing multichannel services amid the pandemic.

This included many traditional retailers like Walmart, as well as, small retailers supported by services like Shopify.

In fact, a lot of these retailers are now growing at a faster clip than more online-focused retailers like Amazon.

The data forecasts that nearly 36% of online non-food spending will be supported by physical stores in the US during 2020. This is up by 2.6% points since the start of the year.

Despite claims that the growth of online shopping is leading to a ‘retail apocalypse,’ the reality is that many retailers across all sectors are thriving because they are innovating with multichannel to provide a convenient shopping experience for consumers. A very significant proportion of sales that are attributed to the online channel are, in fact, multichannel sales that rely on both stores and online for success. On average, one-third of “online” non-food purchases – where a customer actually transacts online – are in fact reliant on physical stores for product selection, pick up, or return
Neil Saunders, GlobalData’s lead retail analyst

Besides, 89% of the US retail executives stated that physical stores will drive just as many, or more, sales for their business as they did prior to the pandemic.

Among them, 87% are planning to invest more in multichannel capability over the 5 five years.

Meanwhile, 79% of Americans said that they missed the social interaction of physical stores during the lockdown. In addition, 71% revealed that being unable to visit stores during the height of the pandemic reduced the overall amount of money they spent on non-food.

We’ve reported that Dutch omnichannel retailer Coolblue launches its delivery network, installation service, bike couriers, and physical stores across the Düsseldorf area.


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