PayPal and Mastercard launch a new feature in Singapore & Europe

The launch of the Instant Transfer feature in the PayPal wallet increases consumer engagement to the Mastercard

the Instant Transfer feature

PayPal and Mastercard launch a new feature in Singapore & Europe. Source:

PayPal and Mastercard reveal they provided the Instant Transfer feature to Mastercard users in Singapore and some of the European countries.

Mastercard Send app supports the card network infrastructure to provide the secure and real-time availability of funds. In 2017, the service has allowed millions of Mastercard users to transfer their Paypal balances to a suitable Mastercard card. This way, Mastercard cards can instantly and conveniently receive the account balances of PayPal users.

Instant Transfer allows PayPal’s business users to enhance cash flow and improve liquidity, as long as carrying out immediate sales became available.

Providing instant access to funds requires innovation and partnership within the financial industry in order to deliver an ideal customer experience. At PayPal, we are constantly innovating and working with important partners like Mastercard to deliver on these innovations. By expanding Mastercard Send into new countries it adds another choice for our customers to access their money even faster
Jennifer Marriner, Vice President, Global Markets and Partnerships at PayPal


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