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People can now send digital currency by email

This is the latest launch by the company

digital currency

People can now send digital currency by email. Source:

Securechain ApS has launched Finmail Mailbox. The new product will integrate a digital currency payment feature with email.

This will enable people to use their email addresses and mailbox to receive and send emails. Users will also be able to send and receive digital currencies including USDT and Bitcoin.

This will also be a relief for users without bank accounts as they can access global payment capabilities.

Finmail Mailbox integrates a remote working environment as well. This way, global users will be able to work on freelancing work and receive payments through the platform.

The platform will ensure quick and secure payments to users regardless of the time zone and location. It will also boost productivity as it cuts out workplace administration. For payments, Finmail uses USDT. This is a stable coin whose value matches that of the United States’ dollar.

We’ve reported that Brian Armstrong, the Coinbase CEO is concerned about the attempts to track self-hosted cryptocurrency wallet owners.


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