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Philips to utilize JD’s AI-driven retail solution

JD will leverage its AI technology to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions

Philips to utilize JD’s AI-driven retail solution. Source:

JD and leading health technology company Philips are using AI to maximize the performance of the brand’s flagship store by better understanding its consumers and their behavior. The partnership leverages JD’s unique AI-driven retail solution, which can provide a comprehensive analysis of a brand’s performance and help develop a smart marketing solution that covers product strategy, market analysis, marketing management and more.

The addition of AI to the puzzle allows brands like Philips to make sense of not only “structured data”, which is comprised of clearly defined data types whose pattern makes them easily searchable, but also “unstructured data”, which is comprised of data that is usually not as easily searchable, including formats like audio, video and social media, such as customer reviews, customer service feedback, product pages, advertisement videos and more. This is possible thanks to computer vision and natural language technology. At the same time, machine learning technology enables easy grouping of users and forecasting of consumer behavior.

For example, leveraging computer vision technology would enable a brand to understand fine-grain nuances, such as the fact that some consumers are more attracted to product images or marketing with a more professional background, while others gravitate more towards cartoons. At the same time, leveraging natural language processing can help understand the user’s pre- and post-shopping behavior, i.e. what impact the consultation they received in the process had on their ultimate decision to purchase. Understanding these nuances can reveal tons of new consumer insights that can be used to improve user experience, personalize marketing solutions and even design products.

In the collaboration with Philips, JD will leverage its AI technology to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions, including user portrait analysis, user behavior analysis and user motivation analysis. JD will assist in business decision making, providing guidance on product design, marketing and advertising, user engagement, branding and store operation, among other areas.

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