Polish bank rolls out app for kids

The app can be installed on both the child’s or the parent’s smartphone

Bank Pekao

Polish bank rolls out app for kids. Source:

Bank Pekao has introduced PeoPay KIDS app, enabling children to manage their money. This banking solution is addressing the needs of parents looking for help in educating their children about personal finances.

The app provides a savings account where children can create “money-boxes” to save money for their own purposes and check how the collection is going.

Financial education is an extremely important factor in preparation for adult life. Good habits acquired in one’s youth, such as ability to manage your money, are reflected in the way we handle our adult life. PeoPay KIDS app is a modern solution showing children how to build proper attitude to saving and managing money. This breakthrough implementation is yet another important stage of Bank Pekao digital transformation. The solution, and particularly the app, were prepared entirely in-house by Pekao’s employees. This unique project engaged many departments and support teams
Leszek Skiba, acting CEO of Bank Pekao

The kids can also recharge their pre-paid mobile phones, but only after parental approval.

What is more, Bank Pekao offers children to have their own PeoPay KIDS payment card, enabling them to pay for shopping and withdraw cash from ATMs.

We’ve reported that Revoulut has launched Revolut Junior account for young people aged 7-17. This way, kids will be able to develop healthy money habits under the guidance of their parents or guardians.


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