Popular streaming service supports stablecoin donations

MenaPay app allowed its streamers to collect blockchain-based donations


Popular streaming service supports stablecoin donations. Source:

The blockchain-based payments service Menapay announced support for Twitch donations after the app’s update. It means that while Twitch users are watching streams, they are able to tip the players they want.

Twitch is a platform for more than 3.7 million streamers. They can get support either by direct donations while they stream or if a viewer buys a paid subscription.

Following the announcement, we saw incredible demand from Twitch’s viewer base, which also wants to use a simple means of donating. We made the necessary advancements and updated our app to support the gaming community further. Now, viewers can also integrate their MenaPay app with Twitch and make their donations from their smartphones in seconds
Cagla Gul Senkardes, MenaPay CEO

Due to the new feature, users can instantly donate Twitch streamers by using the QR code.


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