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RBS rolls out mobile payment terminal for SMEs

The bank is waiving terminal and 3G fees for Tyr until the end of 2020


RBS rolls out mobile payment terminal for SMEs. Source:

Royal Bank of Scotland has announced the launch of a new payment solution in Scotland called ‘Tyl’. It is designed to simplify the process of receiving payments for small business customers thus maintaining cash flow.

Tyl enables small businesses to accept Chip & PIN, contactless and telephony payments either in-store, over the phone, or online with a mobile terminal.

Besides, it provides next-day settlement for users, ensuring money is in their bank account the next business day.

Tyl is the latest development in our portfolio of innovative, customer-focused ventures as we seek to maintain our commitment to developing new technologies that enable our business customers to meet the daily challenges they face, whilst also helping to build resilience and provide opportunities for growth
Malcolm Buchanan, Scotland Board Chair

We’ve reported that this fall, BNP Paribas will issue its first biometric payment cards with a built-in fingerprint sensor.