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Report reveals expected worth of European e-commerce this year

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Report reveals expected worth of European e-commerce this year. Source:

According to Ecommerce News, European e-commerce is expected to be worth 717 billion euros at the end of 2020 which is 12.7% compared to 2019.

The report shows that Western Europe is still the most developed e-commerce market in Europe. This region accounts for 70% of the total e-commerce value in Europe. Western Europe also has the highest share of online shoppers accounting for 83%.

Although, the biggest growth can be found in the eastern part of Europe. The e-commerce markets in Romania and Bulgaria both increased by 30% in 2019, which is the highest growth number in all of Europe.

The lowest growth can be found in Belgium and Ireland (7%), Austria (4%), and Iceland (3%).

We’ve reported that e-commerce in Spain is expected to grow by 18.5% at an annual rate in 2020, compared to the previous estimate of 13.1%


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