Report shows consumer’s attitudes towards NFC

The survey examined consumer experiences with NFC technology

NFC technology

Report shows consumer’s attitudes towards NFC. Source:

According to ABI Research on behalf of the NFC Forum, 44% of the respondents use payment contactless technology daily or nearly every day.

Meanwhile, over ¾ of people surveyed use their contactless payment card or mobile payment wallet multiple times per week or more.

The data also found that 96% have used NFC contactless for something other than contactless mobile payment.

Besides, in the post-pandemic world, usage of contactless technologies are expected to accelerate. That’s due to the fact that contactless and touchless experiences are demanded across multiple settings.

NFC adoption outside of payments will continue to grow thanks to:

  • Penetration of NFC tags
  • Contactless technology in emerging use cases
  • And the over 2 billion NFC-enabled smartphones in use today

We’ve reported that Croatia-based payments platform Review Booster Pro has launched NFC technology that facilitates on-the-spot reviews for businesses across the country.


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