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Research reveals how COVID-19 affected business culture

The shift to remote work has hurt office socialization

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Research reveals how COVID-19 affected business culture. Source:

Clutch has conducted a survey revealing that 63% of workers spend less time socializing with their colleagues since the lockdown.

The report highlighted that offices are increasingly investing in methods to communicate virtually. This way, 26% of employees said their company has provided them with greater access to communication technology in the past 30 days.

Nevertheless, even after the adoption of Zoom and similar tools, socialization is still suffering.

According to the data, 35% of employees revealed their company hasn’t hosted a virtual social event since remote work.

Meanwhile, only 13% reported their office is holding happy hours, whereas 9% say their office is hosting activities and games. In just 5% of companies, they hold virtual meals.

We’ve reported that nearly half of US businesses have reopened. Although, 4 out of 5 business owners are somewhat or very concerned about a possible second wave of infection.


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