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Research reveals how much our payment data costs on darknet 

PayPal account details were among the cheapest items listed


Research reveals how much our payment data costs on darknet  Source:

Cybersecurity research company Privacy Affairs has found that individuals can buy stolen PayPal account details for at least $200 on the darknet.

According to research, vendors tend to offer a guarantee of 80%. It means that 2 out of 10 cards either won’t work or will have less than the advertised balance.

Besides, they can also purchase credit card details from $12 to $20, depending on the account balance.

The company has revealed that they can buy cloned American Express and Visa credit card data with PINs for $35 and $25, respectively.

Walmart’s account with a credit card attached can also be bought for $10.

At the same time, stolen online banking logins with at least $100 on account are available for $35. Meanwhile, online banking logins with a minimum of $2000 can be bought for $65.

We’ve reported that only 18.8% of SMEs in the UK held a standalone cyber insurance policy. As SMEs account for over 90% of the total number of businesses in the country, there is significant potential to grow the market.


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