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Research unveiled why German women do not invest

N26 polled 1994 women who currently invest and those who don’t across Germany


Research unveiled why German women do not invest. Source:

According to N26’s survey, 44% of German women who already invest and 50% of those that are considering starting, name lack of disposable income as the number one obstacle to why they don’t invest more and why they haven’t started yet.

Besides, a quarter of investor women also name risk aversion and uncertainty about their financial stability in the future (both 26%) as blockers, followed by concerns about current and potential future pandemics (24%) in third place. For women who don’t yet invest, the lack of knowledge (40%) and risk aversion (24%) are also main barriers.

When asked about what would help them to start investing, 28% of women who don’t yet invest wished for more open conversations about the benefits and risks of investing and 22% would specifically like other women to talk more openly about the topic.

As a matter of fact, 45% of the women who don’t invest state that they don’t talk about investments to anybody. Another helpful factor, according to women who don’t invest, would be seeing more other women invest (21%) and if the investment field were less male-dominated (20%).

While the lack of knowledge is, according to them, not a main barrier for German investor women and over 4 in 5 feel confident in making investment decisions, only half (54%) do feel knowledgeable about investments (with the rest feeling unknowledgeable (16%) or neither (31%)). The gap is particularly visible among investing women in Brandenburg where 87% feel confident but only 45% feel knowledgeable.

The study also suggests that the most knowledgeable feel women working in finance (76%) and entertainment (70%), e-commerce (67%), the least in social work (46%) and trade and craft (44%).

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