Revolut launched a new feature for charity

Revolut Donations allow customers to support good causes 

Revolut launched a new feature for charity. Source:

Revolut introduced a new Donations feature that allows users to give money directly to good causes. The challenger bank has partnered with some of the world’s leading charities across human rights, wildlife protection and pollution prevention to help reinvent the way people donate to good causes.

Just like Vaults feature, a user can choose to round up their card payments to the nearest whole number and donate the difference to the cause of their choice. Or user can set up a daily, weekly or monthly recurring payment to the cause of their choice. There is no minimum amount required and a user can cancel it at any time. There’s also an opportunity to donate to the chosen cause on a random basis, by making one-off donations whenever a user wants.

Revolut has partnered with Save the Children, WWF, and ILGA-Europe, and plans on adding more good causes later.

The bank says it will show users exactly how much they’ve donated into chosen charity in real-time from within the app, and also how much has been donated to each charity in total from its entire customer base.

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