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Revolut launches in the US

The US users can now hold and exchange 28 currencies, including British Pounds, Canadian Dollar, and the Euro

Revolut launches in the US

Revolut launches in the US. Source:

Revolut announced its launch in the United States, allowing the customers to carry out transactions at the real exchange rate, without any hidden fees.

Along with that, Revolut enables the US clients to get their salary up to two days in advance via direct deposit at no cost. Besides, all the deposits are insured by Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation up to a value of $250,000.

What is more, the US customers can track their spendings and set up monthly budgets for different product categories. categories, too.

Revolut also provides its Vaults feature that round-up every card payment to the nearest Dollar thus building-up customers’ spare change.

In addition to that, US customers can both send money to and request money from each other, for free.

Revolut disposable virtual cards allow deleting card details meanwhile generating the new ones after online payments to protect the users from online card fraud.


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