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Samsung Pay is coming to one more country

That’s an important step in the partnership between Samsung and Solarisbank

Samsung Pay Germany

Samsung Pay is coming to one more country. Source:

Samsung has teamed up with Solarisbank to bring Samsung Pay to Germany.

The user receives a virtual Visa debit card that can be linked to almost any German bank account after the registration for Samsung Pay.

The encrypted payment information is then securely transmitted to the card reader via NFC and the payment is settled.

In this time of global disruption, digital transformation is changing the way we consume products and services. Solarisbank is an exciting example of how technology, coupled with a novel business model, can accelerate financial market transformation. By partnering with Solarisbank, we have the opportunity to reimagine the consumer experience and meet customers where they are for the ‘on-demand’ economy, making people’s lives easier in this challenging time. And as a strategic investor, we see incredible potential for innovation in this partnership – especially here in Europe
Young Sohn, Corporate President & Chief Strategy Officer for Samsung Electronics and Chairman of the Board, HARMAN

The report reveals that Samsung Pay also includes Solarisbank’s new installment product Splitpay.

That means that purchases over €100 can be converted into installments and paid over a period of up to 24 months.

We’ve reported that Samsung Pay has become available to TransferWise card members in the UK.


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