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SeedBlink Launches Digital Secondary Market for European Tech Investments

European co-investment platform SeedBlink launched a secondary market for individual investors in European tech startups to reduce barriers for individual access to the VC investments

SeedBlink Launches Digital Secondary Market for European Tech Investments

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Upon conducting several pilots, SeedBlink launched a secondary market offering early liquidity to individual investors in European tech startups. The platforms enables individual investors to participate directly in funding startups backed by VCs as primary transactions.

The company had previously secured an EU Passport according to the European Crowdfunding Service provider regulation (ECSPR) licensing to enable the service. ECSPR regulation defines clear procedures around the primary and secondary markets in Europe, creating a safe environment for cross-border startup investments.

The Secondary Market is focused on pan-European tech-exclusive deals. It offers liquidity to individual investors in startups, an otherwise illiquid asset class, so that they can free up some capital. Meanwhile, buyers also get an opportunity to invest at various risk profiles and take part in projects unavailable on the primary market.

The new platform, updated after several pilot versions, provides verified users access to a new Bulletin Board and private negotiations of the deal through offers and counteroffers. The new features extend trade access for all equity rounds and enhances investor control over the whole trading process.

Clients may electronically apply for joining the Secondary Market whether as buyers or sellers. At the same time, they can set the desired quantity and price per unit they aim to sell or acquire. To secure legal ownership transfer, SeedBlink will carry out related activities every three months, streamlining the procedure for investors.

The current minimum investment threshold for individual investors is €2,500. However, the introduction of a secondary market removes the limit, enabling more people to invest a fractional amount in equity projects. Therefore, the Secondary Market gives individual clients unprecedented access to investments in curated European early-stage tech companies alongside institutional investors.

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