Send & Split: Amex enables P2P payments solution

American Express card members will experience easy time when sending money and splitting purchases

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Send & Split: Amex enables P2P payments solution. Source:

PayPal and Venmo have launched Amex Send & Split feature. Eligible US Consumer Cardmembers will be able to send other Venmo and PayPal customers in the American Express App.

Also, the app enables card users to split their purchases with Venmo and PayPal customers and get paid to their card.

US consumer cardmembers get to send money via Venmo or PayPal without paying any fee. Funds can also be added any time after enrolling.

Amex Split users get to choose any posted or pending purchase that they would like to split. This can be split evenly or adjusted to the individual portions. The request can also be tracked back, enabling users to know who has or has not paid back.

Even if the purchases are split, purchase rewards are split in similar ways that users split rewards for normal purchases.

We’ve reported that Venmo has introduced its first-ever Venmo Credit Card, issued by Synchrony and powered by the Visa network.


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