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Shopify introduces digital shopping assistant

Shop helps businesses sell more by simplifying shopping process for customers

digital shopping assistant

Shopify introduces digital shopping assistant. Source:

Shopify launched a digital shopping assistant called Shop, enabling customers to speed through checkout, track their order, and shipment details.

According to information, almost a quarter of US shoppers have admitted to abandoning their carts as the checkout process was too long or too complicated. That’s why a fast checkout experience saves a lot of sales.

Besides, all the Shop purchases are powered by Shopify’s Shop Pay. Shopify revealed that the conversion rates improve by up to 18% for returning customers after the Shop Pay launch.

Along with that, Shop unlocks the improvements to the store’s checkout without requiring any changes to the actual storefront.

This way, when customers complete their initial purchase, they’ll see an option to save payment details to Shop Pay. During future purchases, this option is shown immediately to every customer who has already saved their data.

Besides, Shop provides customers with personalized product recommendations based on their history with a particular.

We’ve reported that Shopify teams up with Google, thus enabling merchants to sell their products through Shopify’s Google Shopping app for free.




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