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Street lamps and bus shelters to help boost 5G in UK

The application deadline for the competition is 18th November 2021


Street lamps and bus shelters to help boost 5G in UK. Source:

The UK government has set forth a £4 million trial for activities geared towards boosting 5G, reports.

The competition will explore ways in which mobile companies can use kerbside infrastructure and publicly owned buildings to host 5G radio equipment.

The trial will enable mobile network providers to access bus shelters, lampposts and additional street furniture to speed up the provision of the 5G technology. Buildings and street furniture are seen as viable hosts for 5G network equipment. This is because they have less visual impact and are cheaper compared to traditional phone masts.

The lampposts lining our streets have huge potential to accelerate the roll-out of 5G and reduce the need to build new masts, but right now, getting access to this infrastructure can be tricky. That is why we are investing millions to help local councils and mobile companies work together more effectively to bring people the incredible benefits of faster connectivity as we level up the UK
Matt Warman, UK digital infrastructure minister 

Operators often have trouble in the verification of whether a structure is suitable such as its physical dimensions, location, access to a source of power and proximity to the street. The UK government will assist in piloting these innovations via online asset management platforms. By doing so, local councils can easily share data with mobile firms.

The government is also encouraging regional and local authorities to partner with mobile firms and submit joint proposals. Once completed, the project will support and assist local authorities to adopt digital asset management platforms.

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