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Study unveils which industries are hardest hit by fraud in Q2 2020

The report found that fraud attacks in Q2 2020 grew sharply

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Study unveils which industries are hardest hit by fraud in Q2 2020. Source:

Arkose Labs has revealed that online gaming and retail became the worst-hit industries from fraud and abuse attacks of Q2 2020.

The report also highlighted the human versus bot attack mix across industries.

In Q1 2020, there was a barrage of bot attacks that constituted 74% of all attacks. In Q2, although, fraudsters switched over to using sweatshops to effect human-driven fraud. 41% of attacks were human-driven, which was the highest proportion recorded in the last year.

The online gaming sector registered a whopping 65 attacks per second. The most attacked touchpoint was logins, which grew 22% over the previous quarter. The sector also saw a surge in human-driven attacks in Q2 at 41%

As to retail, businesses had to incorporate e-commerce amid the pandemic. New entrants into e-commerce are particularly vulnerable to fraud. In Q2 2020, 1 in 5 attacks targeting e-commerce websites was human-driven.

We’ve reported that Amazon has announced the general availability of Amazon Fraud Detector. That’s a fully managed service that allows customers to quickly identify potentially fraudulent online activities.


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